Private Pilates


Pilates is a fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. From the start, Pilates was based on exercises using mental abilities to focus on and control the muscles.

Pilates is for everybody and can be adapted to all fitness levels. It is ideal as a routine by itself to stay fit, mobile and feel healthy. It is known to build a strong core and good posture, which helps prevent back, shoulder pain and other physical imbalances. Pilates has helped many fine tune their performance and prevent or recover from injury.

At St.Julian’s Dental and Medical Clinic we organise individual sessions or small, personal sessions of up to three people. If you’re looking for larger Pilates classes, get in touch to find out details for the different types of classes held at FreeMyMe, Sliema.

Price List

Individual session of 1 hour: € 40,-

Group lesson (max. 3 people) of 1 hour: € 60,-

Rehabilitation session (incl. physio assesment) of 1 hour: € 60,-

Karen Ryan
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, SRP, MSc (Melit) Clinical Biomechanics