Fast Transformation Therapy is a unique method to resolve your problems and is based on relaxation and visualization.

By accessing your Alpha state of mind, you can enter your subconscious to find the cause of your failure. Once understood, these issues can be resolved, thus bringing freedom to your life.

I can help you with:

  • Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression
  • Smoking/ Drinking/ Gambling/ Internet Addictions
  • Weight Loss/ Eating Disorders
  • Relationship/ Fertility/ Sexual Problems
  • Fear/ Phobias/ Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy is not about being asleep. It is only the relaxation of your nervous system. This means you are aware of everything around you but pleasantly relaxed. It is a natural state that you are in before falling asleep. It’s a calm Alpha state of mind which feels very comfortable.

Available programs include:

  • Get Slim Fast Program
  • Attract Love Program
  • Harmonize Your Relationship
  • You Can Be Healed
  • Kick the Smoke Program

Doctor List

Izabela K. Biskupska
Certified Hypnotherapist
Fast Transformation Therapy